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Commercial Truck, Auto Repair & Tire Services

At Purcell Tire, we know tires have a significant impact on fuel efficiency, equipment wear, maintenance time and your company’s bottom line. We offer truck maintenance, quality commercial tire services to help extend the life of your tires, preserve your equipment and reduce the amount of time you spend on tire-related maintenance issues.

We offer all major brands of commercial tires. We provide fleet inspections and work with you to determine the best tires for your application. We also honor all tire manufacturers’ National Pricing programs with the local support you need.

We provide service at our Truck Centers or with our Tire Service Trucks; ensuring you with timely service at any location or any time of the day. We also provide emergency and after hour service to ensure your operation can keep rolling.

We are a world leader in tire retreading. We help our customers to maximize their tire efficiency by creating a holistic tire management system which enables our customers to retread their tires multiple times.

Our world-class service also includes mobile tire repair, even if you are not a fleet customer. It’s all part of being the best tire service provider in the industry. Learn how Purcell Tire commercial auto repair, truck maintenance and tire services can help your company reduce costs and increase productivity. We are just a phone call away.