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Truck Repair, Worn Tires & Maintenance

A damaged tire can be a serious safety hazard, not only to your vehicle and its operator but also to others on the road. Weekly tire inspections and maintenance should include a damage assessment on all tires.

Repairing a tire generates several benefits for your fleet operation. By extending the life of a tire and reducing your operating costs, tire repair creates a safer and more cost effective way to maintain your fleet. Repairing commercial tires also reduces the overall amount of tires that are disposed into landfills, creating a more environmentally friendly way to re-use a tire.

About Our Commercial Tire Repair Services-

  • Purcell Tire trains and mentors all of our tire technicians, in order to give you the highest quality service.
  • We have several mobile/store truck repair locations to help serve you and your operation.
  • We know there are limitations to how much worn tires can be repaired and we don’t exceed these limitations due to our stringent safety standards. At Purcell Commercial Tire we will always strive to provide you with safe and superior product.

Send us any questions you have about a damaged tire and our tire professionals will carefully carry out an inspection.