Purcell Tire believes that we all must play a part in being environmentally friendly by reducing, reusing, and recycling the products that we produce and use. We believe one of our roles to help the environment is to provide services to our customers to assist them in being Green, or reducing their carbon footprint.

Retreading is an important part to conserve our natural resources as well as utilizing the tire casings. Oil is a major component in the rubber compounds used in tires. The retread process uses about 1/3 of the oil needed for a new tire, thus helping to conserve our natural resources.

A tire casing, if taken care of, can be retreaded multiple times. Retreading tires is the most effective way to reduce and reuse tires, the green option to dumping tires into a landfill. Each tire casing that is retreaded essentially becomes a new product, or a recycled product. Tire retreading and tire maintenance helps us to continue to be green.