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Tire Management Technical Services

Tire Analysis from Purcell Tire

Today’s tires are highly engineered products that require attention and care to achieve optimum life expectancy and performance. Our technical services address different concerns and areas that can affect a tires performance. These are our tools to the continual improvement of a tire management program.

Weight Study – Weight studies determine the maximum amount of load each axle and individual tire supports in an actual operation at a mine site. The results of a weight study can be used to help set correct inflation pressures, tire choice, as well as material volume / grade calculations.

Heat Study – Heat studies ensure that all tires are operating within the temperature design specifications as intended by the tire manufacturer. The results can also indentify operational habits that can lead to tire damages.

GPS Study – We analyze haul road profiles and operational habits to identify key areas that can be improved. TMPH calculations and cycle analysis are reviewed. The results can identify problem areas that reduce tire performance and cause tire damage.

Site Evaluations – We conduct a variety of site evaluations for safety and achieving the best operating conditions. We conduct work place safety audits to ensure that we perform our work in a safe environment. Haul road evaluations are conducted to review the haul roads, dump sites, and loading areas; as these areas can have a dramatic impact on overall safety, costs, tire life, and equipment.

Benchmarking – This is key in any Tire Management Program as a continual process to find and implement best practices that will lead to improved performance, reduced costs, and safe habits. Benchmarking is not a onetime starting point but a process of continual improvement.

Tire Analysis & Accompanying Management Reports – We assist a mine in understanding the results of their operations and tire performance. By reviewing the out of service tires, key areas for improvement can be identified. The key areas may be operational practices or tire type choices. Operation’s management can make informed decisions by the analysis provided.