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  Exclusive Tire for Electric Vehicles
  iON is a tire exclusively developed for high-performance electric vehicles. Unlike vehicles with internal combustion engines, EVs require lower noise, higher load support, response to a higher torque, and lower rolling resistance. iON perfectly responds to the characteristics of electric vehicles with innovative EV technology and provides optimal driving performance.
  Globally Proven Technology
  Ventus is Hankook Tire's high performance tire optimized for pleasant high speed driving and stable in handling. By signing partnerships with global premium brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, Ventus was selected as the official tire of the most prestigious motorsports competition and was recognized globally for its outstanding performance.
  Journey Longer and Stronger
  Dynapro is a tire designed for SUV/Light Trucks with strong driving and braking performances on all terrains and through every type of weather, including on- and off-road conditions. With the dedicated SUV tire lineup, we have partnered with a range of vehicles, including Ford F-150, Lincoln Navigator, and GMC Sierra, to achieve a dynamic driving experience.
  Balanced Technology for All Roads
  BuKinergy provides stable driving across diverse climates and road conditions, and is the first sustainable tire in the industry to obtain an ISCC PLUS, an international certification for eco-friendly materials. A winner in the world's leading magazine test, the tire is gaining an impressive reputation as an optimal for multi-performance.
  Innovative Winter Technology
  Winter i*cept is a winter tire that guarantees reliable winter road handling and braking performances after going through numerous driving tests at Technotrack, a winter tire test site in Ivalo, Finland, located in the northernmost part of the country. The excellent test results are helping the tire catapult into the market as a premium winter tire brand.
  Reliable Safety Technology
  Smart tire integrates the cutting-edge Smartec technology to ensure longer mileage safely, exclusively made for trucks and buses. We have a product lineup for a wide range of vehicles, roads, and weather conditions while being recognized as the most reliable business partner for commercial vehicle operators. We supply tires for new cars to various global truck manufacturers with differentiated quality and technology.

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