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Commercial Tire Retreading

Purcell Tire is a world leader in retreading, quality auto care and tire repair services. Our Potosi, Missouri facility is equipped with the most modern commercial tire repair and retreading technologies available. We can retread tires up to 63 inches, the largest in the world.

When you have Purcell Tire retread for you, your tires are tracked with state of the art software programs from the time they are picked up until the retread process is complete. We also provide door to door service with our retread service.

Types or Commercial Tire Retread Services –

Pre-Cure – Previously cured tread rubber, with the tread design already formed, is applied to the tire casing with a thin layer of adhesive. The assembly is then placed in a heated, pressurized chamber where the adhesive is cured to both the tread rubber and the casing, forming the bond between the two.

UniCircle – This tread is a seamless construction using a patented retreading process adhering the tread snugly to the casing. You can expect lasting strength from the seamless UniCircle construction, as well as even tread wear and low rolling resistance due to its uniform retread characteristics and dimensions. The end result is cost-efficient performance for your fleet.

Mold Cure – Tread rubber is applied to the tire. The prepared tire is placed in a mold which imprints the tread pattern as the rubber is cured directly on the casing.

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