Continental Conti HAU 3 WT Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty/Heavy-Duty All-Position Truck tire for Waste Transport and other High Scrub Urban Applications. Formerly Available as Conti CityService HA3.


  • Four rib tread pattern with zigzag groove geometry
  • Innovative tread compound
  • Improved bead design
  • Extra sidewall protection
  • Select sizes available with Intelligent Tire (iT) with an embedded TPMS paired to digital monitoring solutions


  • For resistance to high scrub application
  • For outstanding mileage and heat reduction
  • For increased durability and resistance to brake heat
  • For better resistance to curbs, cuts and other sidewall abrasions
  • Enables fleets to constantly monitor proper tire inflation and temperature to prevent damage and improve safety, maximum load carrying capacity and longevity


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